“ICarly”: fans are EXCEPTIONAL with the rebirth of the series; Check out the reactions!

Fans were surprised by the news that the “iCarly” series will be getting a revival with the original cast and on Twitter, many users have expressed their enthusiasm for the novelty.

Excited, many shared their reactions, as well as the surprise to learn that – for now – actress Jennette McCurdy’s name is not among the original cast that will bring her back for the revival.

Check out the reactions:

logging in on Twitter to announce that ICarly will be back #iCarly pic.twitter.com/QKi5z6ErLe

– (@_sunshinebae) December 9, 2020


– Luisa = retardada (@Luuh_ag) December 9, 2020

Enjoy watching:

Icarly without sam vei is not icarly ok? #iCarly pic.twitter.com/dFkUAzDrjd

– Alan Dogls (@alandogls) December 9, 2020

Icarly brings this ep to life and I say if I expected it or not #iCarly pic.twitter.com/ds7lvSjZE4

– cadelinha (@TainacomT) December 9, 2020

Icarly goes VOLTAAAR // Sam is not included in the #iCarly project pic.twitter.com/GgFfNXYb8X

– ༉ ‧₊˚✧willian ❤️˚✧ (@ikeepNeagle) December 9, 2020

next iCarly producer, puts Sam in the cast, scandal-free #iCarly pic.twitter.com/oawtd35HrC

– Lana natalina (@lanasz_) December 10, 2020

I sell iCarly will come back // there will be no sam # iCarly pic.twitter.com/682cqccMiG

– (@lo_almeidasz) December 9, 2020

Icarly is not Icarly without sam!
I want sam in this new project nowaaa # iCarly pic.twitter.com/M1GRr3p160

– Alisson Santos (@Eu_Alli_) December 9, 2020


I’m going to lock myself in the room p watched: #iCarly pic.twitter.com/i6H99ObKOO

– grazy (@grazy_scarcetto) December 9, 2020

I’m happy because iCarly will be back // There will be no Sam #iCarly pic.twitter.com/DnbfE8FV7Q

– (@crazy_boysloves) December 10, 2020

I was jealous of Carly, who had the mad Spencer as a brother.

My iCarly is very much alive #iCarly pic.twitter.com/eGIsNHEx8k

– ⁷ ᴮᴱ (@ Bre_Bang7an) December 10, 2020

opening early and seeing trends #iCarly will return, I’m healthy: pic.twitter.com/Rq3a0BfNuS

– PEDRO GATO LINDO E CHEROSO (@PedrocaLeon) December 9, 2020

ViacomCBS, through the streaming platform Paramount +, will be responsible for developing the revival of Nickelodeon’s beloved teen series, which ended its journey on small screens in 2012.

In addition to Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress reprise their respective roles as Spencer and Freddie. Jennette McCurdy, interpreter of Carly’s best friend, Sam, has not had her return confirmed.

“ iCarly ” made its small screen debut in 2007 and featured Cosgrove as Carly Shay, who stars in her own web series, produced with help from her best friends Freddie and Sam, in addition to her awkward and eccentric older brother, Spencer.

The plot leads her and her friends to the making of the first YouTube channel that half of the 2000s generation had contact in life. Together they get into trouble while balancing their personal lives with that of the program.

‘iCarly’ featured six seasons, which aired between 2007 and 2012.

The “ICarly” seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video.

Check the opening of the series:

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