‘iCarly’: Revival renewed for season 2 by Paramount +

Paramount + has officially renewed the ‘iCarly’ series revival for Season 2.

Filming for the next cycle is slated to begin this fall in Los Angeles.

🎉 In 5… 4… 3… season 2 🎉 #iCarly https://t.co/z0GVGsYL5O pic.twitter.com/NJJLqxWtxQ

– iCarly (@iCarly) July 15, 2021

Dan Schneider, creator of the original series, returns for a revival.

Production takes place 10 years after the original series ended and follows Carly Shay, the original influencer, and her friends trying to balance work, love and family in their early 20s.

The cast features the return of Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay), Nathan Kress (Freddie Benson) and Jerry Trainor (Spencer Shay), as well as introducing Laci Mosley, as Carly’s best friend, and Jaidyn Triplett, as that stepdaughter of Freddie. .

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