“I’m Ryca 2! Samantha Schmutz Returns As Selminha In Fun Comedy Sequel Trailer

Ok hair, ok nails, until…. Still poor? Nobody expected this to be the new reality of Selminha (Samantha Schmütz), the protagonist of the ‘Tô Ryca’ franchise, after earning a big sum with her uncle’s legacy in the hit feature film. 2016.

In the sequel, ‘Tô Ryca 2’, which comes out on February 3, she will be in trouble: she will lose all her money and will have to give up the benefits and the world of luxury and abundance to which she was accustomed.

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In the comedy directed by Pedro Antonio, Selminha is a rich woman, but one who has never disconnected from her roots. Although the owner of a life of great ostentation, she did not put aside solidarity and continued to help her community. Until she was surprised by a namesake. It’s true! Another Selminha Oléria Silva (Evelyn Castro) seems ready to claim her rights and her inheritance. Now she will have to adjust to the old way of life and fight to get her money back.

The cast of ‘Tô Ryca 2’ also includes Katiuscia Canoro, Rafael Portugal, Anderson Di Rizzi, Marcello Melo Jr, Charles Paraventi and a special participation of the duo Maiara and Maraisa. The feature film is written by Fil Braz.

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