“ Isolated ”: Brazilian horror with Bruno Gagliasso debuts on Netflix!

Brazilian horror ‘Isolados’, starring Bruno Gagliasso, debuted on Netflix.

In the plot, a couple rents a house to spend the weekend, but the place has a grim past and unexpected things happen …

Check out the trailer:

Tomas Portella is responsible for the management.

Enjoy watching:

Lauro (Gagliasso) and Renata (Regiane Alves) rent a house to spend the weekend and spice up the relationship. They met in a psychiatric office. She suffers from Cotard Syndrome, a medical condition in which the person believed to have died. The mansion they rent is a bit seedy and Lauro listens to stories of violent acts in the area, but doesn’t say anything to the woman lest she be easily impressed. From there, things unfold unexpectedly.


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