“Isolated in Pandemic”: Is Zombie Terror a copy of “#Alive”? Or the opposite? Understand!

After CinePOP released the captioned trailer for the post-apocalyptic horror ‘Isolated on Pandemic’ (Alone), many fans asked us if the film was a copy of ‘#Alive’ – horror with the same synopsis available on Netflix since September. Last year.

However, this time the copy was Hollywood.

‘#Alive’ was actually based on the screenplay for ‘Isolated on Pandemic’ (Alone), written by Matt Naylor (from the US documentary Small Business Revolution: Main Street).

Naylor sold the screenplay rights for the Korean version and even helped director and screenwriter Cho Il-hyung adapt the screenplay for “#Alive”.

When ‘#Alive’ first arrived in Brazil, a lot of people thought the Hollywood version could be a remake, but it was the other way around.

Enjoy watching:

‘Isolated in Pandemia’ stars Tyler Posey (from the ‘Teen Wolf’ series) and debuts on Telecine Premium tomorrow, the 22nd at 10pm.


Watch our review ‘#Alive’:

Aidan is in his apartment when he realizes that some kind of zombie is entering the place to attack him. After defending himself with a baton, he turns on the TV and finds that the world has been invaded by a virus capable of causing this change in people. With the population oriented to stay at home, Aidan is testing his limits to stay alive.

The cast also includes Donald Sutherland, Robert Ri’chard, Eric Etebari, John Posey and Summer Spiro.

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