“Jackass 4” wins the official title, the synopsis and the first images; Check!

The beloved team of the ‘Jackass’ franchise are back for another very crazy feature film that promises to push the boundaries of the three previous releases.

Via Twitter, it was announced that the official title of the sequel will be “Jackass Forever” and that the trailer will be released on July 20.

Check out the announcement, as well as the first official images and synopsis:

“Very excited to share the news from #JackassForever, which hits theaters on October 22! Here’s the first look. Don’t miss the trailer’s premiere on Tuesday, July 20 and follow the new Instagram page for more.

excited to share with me in the upcoming #JackassForever movie in theaters on October 22! Here is your FIRST LOOK. Don’t miss the trailer’s debut on Tuesday, July 20, and follow the new Instagram page @Jackass for more! Https: //t.co/4YT06fsJAu pic.twitter.com/F9JdHObiXo

– Rachel Wolfson (@wolfiecomedy) July 11, 2021

Celebrating the joy of being back with their best friends and a perfectly executed scene in the dingdong, the original idiot team returns for another round of hilarious, absurd and often dangerous comedic performances with little help. an exciting new cast Johnny Knoxville and the crew go the extra mile on October 22 in “Jackass Forever.”

Previously, TMZ reported that director Jeff Tremaine obtained a restraining order against Bam Margera, who starred in the franchise’s first three films, after receiving numerous death threats.

Enjoy watching:

From now on, the actor will have to stay at least 90 meters from the filmmaker for the next three years. And he won’t be allowed to contact Jeff in any way – the same goes for the director’s wife and children.

Tremaine sought legal protection after the actor’s outbreak against him and star Johnny Knoxville, claiming Margera continued to send extremely disturbing messages, threatening his life and the lives of his children.

Remember that Bam Margera had already been banned from filming ‘Jackass 4’ after backstage conflicts.

For those unfamiliar with it, the franchise originated in 2000 with the MTV series, which ran for three seasons and was a huge hit for the channel and its cast, but was canceled due to financial and creative conflicts between the chain and its stars.

He found new life on the big screen with ‘Jackass: The Movie’ (2002), which was originally envisioned as a farewell to the series and a way for the team to bypass censors and do so many stunts. wild as they wished.

With success, there were two sequels, released in 2006 and 2010.

Make sure to watch:


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