James Cameron has already shot scenes for ‘Avatar 4’!

In an interview with Variety, filmmaker James Cameron explained the filming process for the “Avatar” footage, stating that he had already shot some scenes from the fourth film in the franchise.

“The second film is already finished. We already have a final cut where we add the visual effects. I am very confident about this film. The third film still needs to be fine-tuned. It is too long. I haven’t yet focused my energy on editing the third film, but I already have all the performances. This is the important part. I have already finished with the motion capture part; I completed almost all of the live action footage. I still have to finish the scenes with the adult characters. We were more concerned with the aging of the children.

He adds, “We shot the second and third movies together, based on the type of scenes and environments they share. I see these films as a six hour miniseries. We filmed all of the Avatar 2 and 3 scenes simultaneously. Actor availability was an issue, so we shot whatever was needed with specific actors for the next two movies – as well as some of the scenes from “Avatar 4”. Again, I had to focus on the kids. They can age six years in the middle of the story [do quarto filme]so I had to secure all the scenes with them before that happened. The scenes after the passage of time, we will shoot later.

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In an interview with Total Film, producer Jon Landau explained why the sequel is taking so long: They took the time to write the scripts up to “Avatar 5.”

“Scripts are the project we work with. So a lot of our time has been written … with the challenge of each of those four scripts having to resolve individually into a story that ends in great emotional resolution – but when you look at them as a whole, the arc of the story of the four films creates an even bigger epic saga, ”he said.

“Avatar 2” will have as country Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and will take place several years after the first film.

In the plot, the idyllic Sully’s life is interrupted when RDA mining returns to Pandora, forcing Jake to take the family to “what is considered a safe haven” on the reef.

“And when you reach the reef, there will be a clan that we call the Metkayina. The Sullys are no longer in the environment they know, the rainforest. They become fish out of the water. They become culturally and ecologically fish out of the water, ”he concluded.

‘Avatar 2’ has been confirmed for December 16, 2022. It should be remembered that this is the seventh time that the footage has been postponed.

“Avatar” has raised $ 2,798.9 billion worldwide.

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