Jennifer Lopez was angry with Ben Affleck after actor blamed Jennifer Garner for her alcohol addiction

Recently, Ben Affleck sparked controversy by claiming that he became addicted to alcohol due to the pressure while married to Jennifer Garner.

And it looks like the statement made on the Howard Stern Show was not very well received by Affleck’s current mate, Jennifer Lopez.

According to Page Six, the actress and singer was deeply embarrassed and upset by the comments he made.

This is because she does not want to be involved in the controversy in any way.

A source linked to Lopez told the portal that:

“[Lopez] is upset and embarrassed. Her name is tied to the story because she’s Affleck’s current girlfriend, but she doesn’t want to be dragged into it. She has met Jennifer Garner and is trying to be closer to their children. It was reckless and arrogant of him.

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For those who don’t know, Affleck and Garner have three children: Violet; 16 years old, Séraphine; 12, and Samuel; 09.

Recall that before marrying Garner in 2005, Affleck had already dated Lopez between 2002 and 2004.

Since they rekindled the relationship, Lopez has actually been seen interacting with their children on various family outings.

This year, Lopez even celebrated Halloween with Garner, when they took the kids begging for candy on the streets of Malibu.

“Everyone gets along well and the focus is always on the kids. Jennifer, Ben and Jen Garner wanted the kids to have an amazing Halloween, ”another source told People magazine. “The kids are friends and wanted to ‘cheat or treat’ together. It made sense for everyone to be together.

Understanding the controversy:

Affleck and Garner met while recording “Daredevil” (2003), in which he played the title hero and she brought Elektra Natchios to life.

The marriage lasted from 2005 to 2018, a period in which the star fell into alcohol addiction because he felt “trapped” by the relationship.

Shortly after the breakup, he signed up for the first time in a drug rehab clinic and thinks he would remain addicted if he was still married… Or worse, he could have assaulted his ex-wife.

“We would have ended up assaulting each other. I would probably still be drinking. One of the reasons I started drinking was that I felt trapped. I was like, “I can’t leave because of my kids, but I’m not happy, what am I doing?” And what I did was drink a bottle of whiskey and sleep on the couch, which ultimately wasn’t the solution.

However, Affleck admitted that they were struggling to continue their relationship, mainly because of their children.

“In the end, we tried and tried and tried because we had kids, but neither of us wanted this to be the model of marriage that the kids could mold.”

Despite this, he said he respected Garner and had no grievances from his ex.

“The truth is, it took us a long time to make a decision. We moved away. We had a marriage that didn’t work out. It happens. He’s someone I love and respect, but I couldn’t get married anymore. Have we had moments of tension? Fights for custody? Was it hard? Are we angry? Yes, but everything was done with great respect. I knew she was a good mother and I always hoped that she would know that I was a good father. And I know I was.

Finally, he commented on the difficult rehabilitation process.

“The cure for addiction is suffering, you are in enough pain for something inside of you to say, ‘I’m sick of this pain.’ I was lucky because I got to this point before I lost the things that mattered most. Not my career or my money, but my relationship with my kids, and when I felt it impacted them, I recognized it. It was the worst day of my life, but since then, I swear, I never wanted to drink.

Regarding the romance with Lopez, he said he was a little afraid to get back together with Lopez to avoid unwanted attention, but he couldn’t hide his feelings for her.

“Rebuilding my relationship with Jennifer [Lopez] and all the unwanted attention that would ensue flashed through my mind for sure. Responsibility to my children is my greatest responsibility. I don’t want to do anything painful or destructive to them if I can help myself. My life affects them. Their mother and I are celebrities. It’s hard. It is a cross that we will carry forever.

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