Jim Carrey would love to do ‘The Maskara 2’

In an interview with Comic Book, Jim Carrey talked about the possible return after “The Máskara”, and was excited about the idea.

“I would definitely come back. But just to get involved with a very crazy visionary director, ”he says.

According to him, it will all depend on who Warner Bros. choose to lead the project.

“[Para eu retornar para uma sequência] of “La Máskara”, it would depend on the filmmaker. It really depends on the filmmaker behind the project. I don’t want to go back to a streak just to come back, ”he continued.

Recently, rumors indicate that Warner Bros is developing a sequel and that the studio would be delighted to work with Carrey again, and that he has already started negotiations to reprise the role of Stanley Ipkiss.

Despite the novelty, nothing is officially confirmed.

Plot details have not been revealed, so it’s unclear if the film will be a sequel to the original adaptation or if it will be an independent story.

Released in 1994, the original film grossed $ 351 million at the global box office, on a modest budget of $ 23 million.

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The plot tells the story of Stanley Ipkiss, a decent guy who works in a bank but is socially awkward and doesn’t do very well with women. When he meets the strange mask of Loki, a Scandinavian god, he transforms into The Maskara, a green-faced being who has the courage to do the riskiest and fun things Stanley is afraid to do, including flirting with him. Tina Carlyle, the beauty and sensual singer who performs at Coco Bongo, the nightclub of the moment. The Máskara has superhuman speed and unconventional humor and, meanwhile, gangster Dorian Tyrrell, who is dating Tina, strives to destroy the Maskara and grab the mask to use his powers for evil.

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