JK Iguatemi will have SUPER MODERN CINEMA and exterior for R $ 420.00; View the photo !

Have you ever imagined that you could watch a movie in the cinema outdoors, exclusively and on the big screen just for you and your friends?

Now it is possible!

JK Iguatemi and Cinépolis present the seventh edition of Cine Vista no Terraço JK. With the initial sales success, the event, which was scheduled to take place July 4-11, has been extended until July 18 so more people can enjoy the experience.

Open to the public, tickets for stands for up to 6 people will be on sale on the website, with values ​​ranging from R $ 350.00 to R $ 420.00, depending on the number of participants.

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With an innovative format, the space will have eight capsules that can accommodate up to six people each. Small groups will be able to watch the films inside the cabins with comfortable reclining seats, without losing the charm and originality of the project.

JK Iguatemi maintains the strict protection and security protocols established for cinema operations, with the utmost care, aimed at the well-being of all: only people who know each other and buy tickets together can participate in the experience in their capsules, which are sanitized at the end of each session. In addition, wearing masks is mandatory, hydro-alcoholic gel devices are available on site and all food and drinks are available in sanitized packaging and bags and can only be consumed inside the capsule. . All customers will undergo a temperature check before entering the event.

The capsules are a show apart, with a transparent roof, the viewer will continue to have a view of the sky throughout the experience. Each recliner will include a folding table with a cup holder, lamp, USB connectors, and a built-in cooler. The chairs will be placed at different heights for easy viewing and the steps will also have LED light and carpeted floors.

To top it off, the Cinépolis candy bar service for the purchase of popcorn and soft drinks will be available on site. The big news is a menu developed especially for customers by the Astor restaurant. They will be able to purchase dishes and bomboniere items when purchasing the ticket online or on the day of the film using the QRCode.

With a daily session, the program will feature award-winning films. Among the attractions: “Raya and the last dragon” (July 4 and 18), “Pinocchio” (July 5 and 13), “Belle vengeance” (July 6 and 15), “My father” (July 7 and 12), “Judas and the Black Messiah” (July 8 and 16), “Minari” (July 9 and 17), “NomadLand” (July 10 and 14) and “At War with Papy” on July 11.

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