‘John Wick’: Franchise will win 4th and 5th movies and TV series!

Lionsgate has confirmed that “John Wick” will earn two more sequels after the first three films grossed $ 500 million worldwide.

Studio CEO John Feltheimer has revealed he will shoot “ John Wick 4 and 5 ” simultaneously, once franchise star Keanu Reeves is on the free schedule.

In an interview for the comic, screenwriter Derek Kolstad was asked about the topic, to which he replied:

“They will invest in two more films. I just launched the first movie and the footage has grown into something much bigger than me, the studio executives insist on reminding me of that, but I’m so grateful to be a part of the trilogy. It was a really fun adventure.

The filmmaker also said that the success of the franchise was to Reeves’ credit, as he had given everything to play the character.

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“I think Keanu [Reeves] deserves all the credit for the success of the films. Besides ‘The Matrix’ I think he did a few sequels, but he got involved in the role of John Wick in a way that I’ve never seen. He loves this character.

Until the new films arrive, it’s worth remembering that the franchise will win a spinoff series called “The Continental.”

Within the plot of the films, Continental is a renowned hotel that serves as a haven for assassins while preparing for their missions or enjoying a moment of tranquility.

During an interview with Fandom, Chad Stahelski, creator of the franchise, revealed some details about the production, which will air on the Starz channel.

“We work with a broader point of view than that of the films [do ‘John Wick’]. We bet on the perspectives presented by different characters on this world [criado na franquia]. In “John Wick” we followed a one week period in the life of a man. In the series, we’ll take a deep dive into everything the franchise has to offer, from the darkest secrets of the killers to the origin of certain characters featured in the movies. The public will realize that John Wick is only a small part of this universe.

“ John Wick 4 ” is scheduled for release on May 27, 2022.

Reeves has already finished filming “Matrix 4”.

Chad Stahelski returns to live.

The third film in the franchise, “John Wick: Parabellum,” became a box office hit and grossed $ 321.6 million worldwide – on a budget of $ 75 million.

Video brings together all ‘John Wick: A New Day to Kill’ deaths

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