Jon Favreau and the new ‘Star Wars’ era in pop culture

A global phenomenon that finally arrived in Brazil by legal means, The Mandalorian is the most watched Disney + series in the world. With the right to show the first two episodes in a special Tela Quente session, in prime time on Rede Globo, the Star Wars adventure has already arrived in Brazilian lands with two feet at the door.

Set after the events of the original trilogy, the series tells the story of a Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) who, after the end of the Empire, saw the galaxy enter a new fight to fill in the power gaps left behind. through the collapse of Palpatine and Darth Vader, and went on to make a living as one of the top bounty hunters on the edge of the New Republic. However, his story changes dramatically when he meets an alien child who should be his mission. With this Baby Yoda – that’s not his real name, but let’s face it … it’s the best possible name for him – he continues to explore the galaxy in the best Clint Eastwood style possible.

After Episode IX’s poor performance in reviews around the world, a lot of people believed the Star Wars saga was already saturated and ended up not having much faith in this Jon Favreau-directed production. Responsible for launching the Marvel Cinematic Universe and rescuing Robert Downey Jr. from ostracism, turning the actor into Iron Man, Favreau is a name that holds a lot of prestige behind the scenes at Disney. He was also tasked with working with innovative effects to bring Mogli’s animals to life: O Menino Lobo (2016), which won the studio the Oscar for Best Visual Effects, and to continue improving billionaire Le’s photorealistic technique. Lion King (2019).

This director’s thirst for innovation and the good feedback he has given the studio has accredited him to lead the production that tends to be the premiere of a new Star Wars era in the world: the streaming series. Part of The Mandalorian’s success comes precisely from the director’s desire to use new technologies. Indeed, he mixed practical effects with a new form of decor that was created exclusively for the series, the result of which was so good that it has already begun to be sought after by other productions. Called Stagecraft, the technology in question consists of a concave LED screen 7 meters high by 20 in diameter, which receives projections of scenarios and locations on the screen, allowing actors to interact and see where their objects are. characters. This removes the need to work with the famous green screen and helps with interpretation, as professionals can see what they are doing, without having to rely so much on the imagination. Favreau had built an entire studio around it, called The Volume.

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“One of the coolest things about working together on this Disney and Lucasfilm project is that we have the chance to create new technologies that will change the way television and film are made. […] The actors no longer go to the scene. It is now the place that belongs to the actors! […] In partnership with Industrial Light & Magic, we created a system with which we were able to apply images and visual effects in real time to create a beautiful Star Wars storyline, ”commented director Jon Favreau.

Volume technology is so revolutionary that it has already been requested by director Taika Waititi, who played and commissioned one of the episodes of the series, for the recordings of Thor: Amor & Trovão. Another big budget movie that will reveal the tech is Matt Reeves’ Batman. Without a doubt, this technological device marks the beginning of a new era in cinemas, in which actors will be able to work more naturally, increasing realism and leaving more and more people questioning what is real and what is what. is fiction.

Along with this silent revolution, the idea of ​​exploring cinematic genres in the Star Wars universe was a sure hit. Fans couldn’t take the Skywalker Family storylines anymore, so it was a smart way to explore and expand the universe, without falling into the same Space Opera litany with Family Cases. This approach had worked before with Marvel Heroes, who started making films of different genres starring overpowered protagonists, such as Ant-Man, which is an assault film. Bringing that Western-style imprint to the galaxy far, far away has proven to be successful and it is very likely that it has ushered in a new era of Star Wars in pop culture.

Both seasons of The Mandalorian are available on Disney +.

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