Jovan Adepo to hunt serial killer in ‘Misanthrope’ thriller

According to Deadline, Jovan Adepo (“Operation Overlord”) will star in the thriller “Misanthrope”. The actor will play MacKenzie, a young FBI agent, who is hunting a serial killer.

Filming for the feature film is scheduled to begin this month in Montreal.

Shailene Woodley (“Divergent”) and Ben Mendelsohn (“The Outsider”) will also star in the production.

The plot will follow a talented but troubled police officer (Woodley) who is recruited by the FBI to help create a profile and track down a killer.

Damian Szifron (“Wild Stories”) will be responsible for the direction.

The screenplay was written by Jonathan Wakeham.

Enjoy watching:

In addition to acting, Woodley will also produce the feature film.

New information should be released soon.

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