“Jungle Cruise”: a film starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt set in Brazil

Disney’s new adventure, titled “Jungle Cruise,” debuts this week, and Brazilian moviegoers will be surprised that much of the production takes place in Brazil.

In the plot, the character of Frank – played by Dwayne Johnson – lives in the town of Porto Velho, in the state of Rondônia, where he makes a series of tours along the Amazon River on his raft.

Throughout the film, audiences will also notice that Frank drops a few short sentences in Portuguese, trying to communicate with the people of the community where he resides.

But ‘Jungle Cruise’ brings a journey that crosses several other borders as well. As well as being set in London in 1913, the film ventures into the Amazon rainforest, takes an intense tour of the Devil’s Throat, and explores a fictional legend that runs along the tributaries of the Amazon River.

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Jungle Cruise is a delicious adventure! With an Indiana Jones vibe, it’s fun and full of action-packed scenes. Dwayne Johnson + Emily Blunt are the dynamic duo you and I needed and the movie has what it takes to be a Disney classic! And oh, the plot also takes place in Brazil! pic.twitter.com/VQuCxZGeVi

– CinePOP (@cinepop) July 27, 2021

Keep in mind that the film still features the first openly gay character in a Walt Disney production.

And actor Jack Whitehall couldn’t be prouder to play McGregor.

In an interview with Variety, the actor revealed:

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“When I first read the script, it was just a few loose lines. There was no indication that he was gay. When the scene he was dating was revealed to me, I found that it was very well written, ”he said.

The character is described as “extremely efficient, very classy and very funny”.

Jack whitehall

The Family Adventure with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt opens July 29 in theaters and opens July 30 in Disney + Premier Access.

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (“The Orphan”), the feature film was written by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra (“Amor a la Provà”).

In the plot, Johnson plays Frank, a boat captain cursed with immortality, who accompanies Lily Houghton (Blunt) in her quest for the mystical tree of life capable of offering healing through magical powers.

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