‘Justice League’ director clarifies what additional scenes will be added to Snyder Cut

In an interview with ComicBook, director Zack Snyder opened up about the highly anticipated Snyder Cut from “ Justice League, ” clarifying the additional scenes he added in the film’s new cut, in addition to talking a bit about the process of assembly of the new version.

“Only a small part of the film is new stuff that I shot. About 80% of the movie is scenes that have never been seen before, not to mention scenes without visual effects. It’s very exciting and I can’t wait for everyone to watch this adventure the way I wanted everyone to watch it. There were two specific scenes I wanted to add. I expected to shoot in post-production, but never got the chance. The other is the scene involving Jared [Leto]. The truth is, the four hours of the film are scenes that I shot. I had a few confrontations with the studio and we had to add a few things, including making the movie funnier. However, I kept doing it my own way at the same time, staying close to what I wanted to do without any influence. I always try to do things the way I think I do.

He adds: “I felt like an archaeologist when I recomposed the film. I had to put together all the parts, what I had, what I had already filmed and the scenes that would never see the light of day, even if they were filmed.

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Recalling that the new version of ‘Justice League’ will be an event divided into four parts and lasting four hours (which means that each “chapter” will have one hour of exposure).

As Snyder has promised, the new version will feature several unpublished character arcs, including the full Cyborg story.

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And thanks to the trailer, we can already get a taste of what to expect. The video features the appearance of Darkseid, Desaad, and Iris West, in addition to revealing the Steppe Wolf’s new look.

Set to the sound of Hallelujah, the trailer features several never-before-seen scenes from Zack Snyder’s version and brings new insight into Superman’s dark suit.


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