“Kandisha”: the entity is summoned in the new horror clip from the directors of “The Invader”

Supernatural horror ‘Kandisha’ has a new music video.

Find out, with the full trailer:

Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, from the disturbing ‘A Invasora’, are in charge of the staging.

During the summer vacation, three friends join the other teenagers in the neighborhood. Every night they have fun sharing spooky stories and urban legends. But when Amélie is attacked by her ex, she remembers the story of Kandisha, a powerful and vengeful demon. Frightened and upset, Amélie summons her. The next day, her ex is found dead. The legend is true and Kandisha is on the run. Now it’s up to the three girls to break the curse.

Mathilde Lamusse, Samarcande Saadi and Suzy Bemba are the stars of the production.

In the United States, the terror was launched by Shudder. In Brazil, it is still unpredictable.

Enjoy watching:

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