Katherine McNamara still wants to return to CWVerse after ‘Arrow’

The final season of “Arrow” had an episode that served as the pilot for “Green Arrow and the Canaries,” a spinoff series that would star Kate McNamara, Katie Cassidy, and Juliana Harkavy as the protagonists.

For those who don’t remember, McNamara played Mia Queen, daughter of Oliver (Stepehn Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), who becomes the new Archer in 2040.

However, the idea was ultimately scrapped due to delays caused by the pandemic and low production expectations.

Even so, McNamara told Collider that she was still interested in reprising her role on a CWVerse project, if invited.

“Look, the Arrowverse is what it is and I have no idea what future plans for this universe are, but I would love to reprise my role again. There are so many wonderful people at Warner Bros, The CW, and the [produtora] Berlanti. I loved working with them and if they need me I would love to shoot arrows again.

This isn’t the first time McNamara has expressed willingness to return to CWVerse.

Last year, she gave a similar speech in an interview with the Comic Book.

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“If they want me to reprise the role of Mia Queen, I’ll be there.” I’m not done with it yet. So if they accept me, I’ll be ready. But I think the pandemic just threw a bucket of cold water on everything. “

If the CW does not invest again in “Green Arrow and the Canaries”, McNamara could join the team in “Legends of Tomorrow”.

That’s because several artists from other shows have made cameo appearances before, and that would be a great way to say goodbye to Mia.

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Recalling that the CW has already released the official promo of “This Is Gus”, the 9th episode of the sixth season of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’.

In the plot, “Behrad is disappointed with the Legends for forgetting his birthday – so when they locate an alien capsule through 2024 and take it to their favorite sitcom, he thinks it’s a surprise to him. Feeling guilty, Nate and Zari occupy Behrad, while Ava Spooned and Astra try to find the Alien to fix the timeline. Meanwhile, Rory’s behavior remains strange, leading Sara and Gary to find out what happened. .

The episode will air on July 11.


Keto Shimizu is the current showrunner in the series.

When heroes alone aren’t enough … the world needs legends. Having already seen the future, one of them will desperately try to prevent it from happening. Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), the time traveler, is tasked with assembling a warped group of heroes and villains to face a threat that is difficult to stop; one that threatens not only the integrity of the planet, but time itself as a whole. Is this unlikely team capable of fighting an immortal threat unlike anything they know?

The cast includes Caity Lotz, Tala Ashe, Jes Macallan, Olivia Swann, Nick Zano, Dominic Purcell, Matt Ryan, Shayan Sobhian, Adam Tsekhman and Lisseth Chavez.

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