Keanu Reeves Day! “Matrix 4” and “John Wick 4” hit theaters TODAY!

Keanu Reeves has never been hotter in Hollywood, despite having had an enviable career over the past few decades filled with blockbusters and acclaimed films.

At 55, the actor has sparked a brawl between the studios, including a dispute between Marvel and DC – both want to hire him.

The star’s schedule is so contested that in 2021 we would have DOUBLE DOSE Reeves in theaters ON THE SAME DAY, on so-called Keanu Reeves Day.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and due to an obvious business decision from the studios, launches will no longer take place on the same date.

‘Matrix 4’ and ‘John Wick 4’ were scheduled for release today, May 21, 2021, but have been postponed.

“ John Wick 4 ” is now only released on May 27, 2022. “ Matrix 4 ” is scheduled for December 21, 2021.

The third film in the “John Wick” franchise, “Parabellum,” became a box office success and grossed $ 321.6 million worldwide – on a budget of $ 75 million.

“Matrix” was released in 1999 and acclaimed around the world for its innovative visual effects. The original won four Oscars and grossed $ 463 million worldwide. Two sequels followed, “Matrix: Reloaded” and “Matrix: Revolutions,” both theatrically released in 2003. In total, the trilogy grossed $ 1.6 billion for Warner Bros. Pictures.

The video brings together all the deaths of ‘John Wick: A New Day to Kill’

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