“Kevin Can F ** k Himself”: “Schitt’s Creek” actress stars in new drama series; Check out the trailer!

Actress Annie Murphy, best known for starring in the “Schitt’s Creek” series, is back in a new production, titled “Kevin Can F ** k Himself”, from AMC.

The new dramatic comedy aims to make social criticism, showing that sitcom wives are more than irritating caricatures or minor comics. The series will bring a darker and denser perspective, watered by a very heavy mood.

Check out the first trailer:

In the plot, Murphy plays Allison, the submissive wife of outrageous Kevin McRoberts (Erc Petersen), who begins to break free from the mold of a flawless and perfect housewife and will embark on a new journey of self-discovery, this which does not involve her husband.

“Kevin Can F ** k Himself” was created by Valerie Armstrong and features the executive production of actress Rashida Jones.

Make sure to watch:


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