Killer locust horror disrupts Netflix subscribers

The horror productions released by Netflix are generally opinion dividers, and this is the case of ‘The Swarm’, a French horror about deadly locusts which was published in the catalog.

On social media, people were disgusted with the production – whether it was the script or the technical quality.

Check out the reactions:

I watched the movie The Cloud and I have a knot in my heart…. don’t watch this movie if you don’t want to feel bad #Netflix

– stop being a sucker (@acklespudean) August 8, 2021

The Cloud movie on Netflix is ​​really bad. Carnivorous lizards are a great idea, but the suspense about something that doesn’t happen is disappointing. And the best character is the one who ends up getting fucked hard

– Thiago Marques (@MarquesThii) August 8, 2021

There was a movie on netflix called “The Cloud” I spare you, don’t watch it, you’ll hate the producers of the movie

– twitch.tv/xrafaelmtx (@RafaMTBR) August 8, 2021

Don’t watch The Cloud of Netflix movie, you’ll want to beat the woman who is the protagonist of the shit she does and the deaths she caused

– Marvete (@clarkcrenti) August 8, 2021

Because the netflix movie called The Cloud is the worst movie I’ve ever watched in my life, damn it, I didn’t know something could be so bad that Netflix had the guts to make a movie like this horrible, that is not enough to describe it

– (@ JUSTKS0O) August 8, 2021

Enjoy watching:

The change was calm, I decided to watch this movie on Netflix “The Cloud”. The film sucks, I wasted my time, I could have fallen asleep. Netflix, get better, see !? pic.twitter.com/8OEzkhAPYc

– Tatiane 🧜🏿‍♀️ (@Tatiane_lins) August 8, 2021

I just watched the STRONGEST movie of my whole life on Netflix, “THE CLOUD” pqp..Macabro

– danizinj 10 (@buerolol) August 8, 2021

The only terrifying thing about this movie is the waste of time.

“The Cloud” is a waste of investment (however small) for NetFlix @netflix, and an offense to French cinema.

Note: 4 (I am generous). https://t.co/Wh6cRtNWyZ

– 🔰Marco De Paula (@marco_so) August 8, 2021

Killer locust attack in ‘The Cloud’ trailer, new horror from @NetflixBrasil pic.twitter.com/9xZbcYWqnl

– CinePOP (@cinepop) July 24, 2021

Just Philippot takes care of the staging.

Virginie, who lives on a farm with her children, raises locusts to turn them into flour. But everything changes when she discovers that grasshoppers love blood …

The cast includes Marie Narbonne, Suliane Brahim, Sofian Khammes and Raphaël Romand.

Make sure to watch:

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