‘Killer Toy’: ‘Jason X’ actress joins the series’ cast

According to SYFY, Lexa Doig (“Jason X”) has joined the cast of “Chucky,” a series based on the “Killer Toy” franchise.

The actress will play Bree Webber. Married to Logan (Devon Sawa), she is the aunt of Jake Webber (Zackary Arthur), one of the protagonists of the series. According to the character’s description, Bree likes to keep an unreal image, which leads her to keep a dark secret from her family.

Check out the new teaser:

It’s the April Fool’s joke. #CHUCKY the series is officially in production and arriving on @USA_Network and @SYFY this fall. If you can’t wait that long… watch the Chucky Movie Marathon airing ALL DAY today on SYFY! pic.twitter.com/GXhBN4TPvH

– Don Mancini (@RealDonMancini) April 1, 2021

Devon Sawa (‘Premonition’), Zackary Arthur (‘Transparent’), Teo Briones (‘Ratched’), Bjorgvin Arnarson (‘PEN15’), Alyvia Alyn Lind (‘Together and Mixed’), Jennifer Tilly (‘The Bride of Chucky ‘), Fiona Dourif (‘ The Cult of Chucky ‘) star. Brad Dourif will voice the titular protagonist.

After the appearance of a classic Chucky doll at a used car sale in a suburban neighborhood, an idyllic American town is plunged into chaos after a series of gruesome murders revealing the hypocrisies and secrets of its inhabitants . Meanwhile, the arrival of enemies – and allies – from Chucky’s past threatens to expose the truth behind the dead, as well as the demonic doll’s origins.

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In an interview with Syfy Wire, Mancini gave new details about the series, revealing that the iconic villain will have a different focus in the new production.

“With this series, our mission is to preserve the tense atmosphere of the original film. But, at the same time, keep expanding the plot we’ve built over the seven movies we’ve released over the past 30 years. I think fans will love the new characters we’ve introduced into production as well as the return of other well-known characters. Not only will it be Chucky, but we will also have the return of other characters that fans will want to see again. Chances are they will show up. “

He adds, “I think people will find it interesting that Chucky uses his skills. It’s important to give Chucky new weapons, strategies, goals, and targets. The character will have a different purpose in the series – something that has never been seen before. ”

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