“ Killers of the Flower Moon ”: Jesse Plemons will star in Martin Scorsese’s new film

According to The Hollywood Reporter, legendary Martin Scorsese’s new film “Killers of the Flower Moon” has undergone a major change in recent days.

Jesse Plemons (“I think I’ll be done with it all”) will be the protagonist, occupying the post once held by Leonardo DiCaprio – who, in turn, will have a supporting role in the feature film.

Plemons will bring to life Tom White, an FBI agent who is investigating a series of brutal murders in the Osage native nation of Oklahoma. DiCaprio, for his part, will play Robert De Niro’s nephew, while Lily Gladstone rounds out the cast as Ernest Burkhart, married to the character of DiCaprio.

Eric Roth signs the screenplay, based on the bestselling non-fiction novel written by David Grann.

With recordings now scheduled for March 2021, Scorsese admitted in a recent interview with Empire magazine that he was struggling to find the same spark of inspiration he had in the ‘The Irishman’ applauded for the new one. project.

“I liked that people appreciate [o filme anterior]. I was very moved by this. This COVID, this pandemic, has stopped my creative process. Particularly during the first few months when we were stuck at home, I eliminated a lot of the distraction. I have to find a way to get that creative impulse back for my new film the same way I did with “The Irishman”. Cut out the awards ceremonies, all that stuff, and go back to a room, alone with a project and wondering if I can start over ”.

It should be remembered that Apple acquired the rights to display and finance the feature film alongside Paramount Pictures.

Rodrigo Prieto, frequent collaborator of Scorsese, will be the director of photography.

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“Killers of the Flower Moon” follows the journey of the Osage Indian tribe, which sees several of its members murdered after the discovery of oil under the soil of their reserve in the 1920s. When the murders take on gigantic proportions, the agents of the FBI are moving to infiltrate the region to expose a great conspiracy.

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