‘Kitbag’: Vanessa Kirby replaces Jodie Comer in an epic biopic on Napoleon Bonaparte

According to Deadline, Oscar nominee Vanessa Kirby (“Pieces of a Woman”) replaced Jodie Comer (“The Last Duel”) in the ambitious epic biopic “Kitbag”, about French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, for Apple TV +.

Comer has left the project, which will be led by Ridley Scott, due to planning issues.

Kirby will bring Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais to life and join previously confirmed Joaquin Phoenix (‘The Joker’) who will play Bonaparte.

The historical drama will tell the true story of the knights Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris, who participated in the last duel to the death, officially sanctioned after Carrouges accused Le Gris of raping his wife.

About ‘Kitbag’, the film will follow Napoleon’s trajectory from his origins to his rapid rise from soldier to emperor, as well as his rocky relationship with his wife Josefina.

David Scarpa (“All the money in the world”) will script the project.

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Kirby is known for several roles in the entertainment scene and was acclaimed for her role as Princess Margaret in the first two seasons of “The Crown”. Her other credits include the aforementioned drama “Pieces of a Woman”, which earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, and the action “Mission Impossible – Fallout Effect”.

Phoenix, meanwhile, won the Oscar for Best Actor for his acclaimed portrayal of the main character of “The Joker”. His other works include ‘Gladiator’, ‘Her’, ‘Inherent Addiction’ and the recent ‘C’mon C’mon’.

Scott is one of the most well-known directors in the contemporary entertainment scene and carries extremely acclaimed titles in his filmography such as “Alien – The 8th Passenger”, “Gladiator” and “Blade Runner – The Android Huntsman”. He recently directed the criminal biopic ‘Casa Gucci’, starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, and the period drama ‘The Last Duel’, starring Comer, Driver and Matt Damon.

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