‘La Casa de Papel’: Netflix releases the official titles of the last 5 episodes of the series; To verify!

“La Casa de Papel” soon ends with the last five episodes of its beloved saga, and to keep us even more anxious for its conclusion, Netflix has released the official chapter titles.

Check it out below:

Episode 6: “Exhaust valve” Episode 7: “Volunteering” Episode 8: “The theory of elegance” Episode 9: “Talking in bed” Episode 10: “A family tradition”

In the plot, “Tokyo is dead. The enemy still roams the Bank of Spain, wounded but still as dangerous. Now is the time to take on the biggest challenge yet. The gang hatches a daring plan to mine the gold without anyone noticing. To make matters worse, the professor makes the biggest mistake of his life.

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Series creator Alex Pina has confirmed there is no possibility of a new season, but hasn’t ruled out spinoff series focused on other characters.

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“It was a very complicated recording, it’s kind of extreme warfare and we’re now editing the final season. After you’re done watching and finding out if there are really any doors open for a spin-off, or if we want to tell you more about any of the characters. At the moment, we haven’t decided yet, ”he said.

Criticism | La Casa de Papel – Season 5 has lots of ACTION, twists and turns, and a bittersweet ending

what is the death of [SPOILER] to indicate for the last season of ‘La Casa de Papel’?

If you clicked on this article, you’ve probably watched until the end of the first part of the fifth season of “La Casa de Papel”, or at least you don’t mind spoilers, because here we will be talking about many. details that happened in this first part of the end. Message given, let’s analyze what the death of Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) indicates for the next and final season of the world’s most famous attraction series and what that means for the series as a whole.


From the first episode of “La Casa de Papel”, the viewer follows the story and Tokyo’s point of view on the events. While a number of times certain events have occurred beyond his reach (such as those that took place at the professor’s HQ), whenever the plot returns, it was through Tokio’s reflections that we follow the plot. With his death, who will take up the story? There is a good chance that the baton has passed to Stockholm (Esther Acebo) or Manila (Belén Cuesta), because both have an observer role and gain more space this season, precisely to end the story with a less passionate look at events. Tokyo even connected more to these two in this season’s action!

Don’t get attached …

Like George Martin, creator of “Game of Thrones”, Álex Pina had a taste for killing the public’s most beloved characters (although sometimes he somehow resurrected them later). It happened in Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Nairobi (Alba Flores), Oslo (Roberto Garcia), Moscow (Paco Tous) and now Tokyo is experiencing the same fate. Not to mention that even the crazy Arturito (Enrique Arce) could end up having the same result, and Helsinki (Darko Peric) was not doing very well …

And the main cast?

As mentioned above, so far we have already said goodbye to Berlin, Moscow, Oslo and Nairobi, and Helsinki was in a very critical situation. With Tokio’s death, we would basically only have Rio (Miguel Herrán), Denver (Jaime Lorente), and the teacher (Álvaro Morte) from the original cast. For those who came up with a perfect twenty-year plan that didn’t pose great threats to the participants, the end result of the professor’s proposal turned out to be pretty deadly, didn’t it? If they manage to get the gold out of there, it will end up being shared by the newbies, not the guys who were there from the first berth.

epic death

Apart from maybe the death of Moscow (which was touching) and maybe that of Oslo (at the time we thought he was cute, but there was not much time to become attached to the character), the deaths of Berlin, Nairobi and Tokyo were completely epic, very “hero’s sacrifice”. Camera shots took all three in front and above, showing them in all their glory in the final moments. All three were sacrifices for the sake of the majority and had a huge emotional impact on the rest of the group (and the viewer). If there’s one thing Alex Pina is good at, it’s killing his main characters in an extremely dramatic and emotional way.

death announced

Since the beginning of “La Casa de Papel”, Tokyo had announced that she had nothing to lose, that her great love had died in a robbery, that she had no family or anything to hold her back. . This made her an almost suicidal character – which is why she was always ready for complex missions that put her life in danger. Unsurprisingly, in the end, she volunteered for a mission with a high risk of not coming back alive.

fan theory

Around the second season, some fans started to come up with an interesting theory, which pointed out that the fact that Tokio was the narrator of the series meant that she would be the only survivor of the hit. Granted, the initial list of entrants shrank considerably, but if his death is confirmed in the final part, it would bring down that strong fan theory – which until then made sense.

Is he really dead?

Even though we’ve seen Tokyo appear with a bunch of grenades around her waist, exploding with Gandía (José Manuel Poga), there’s a small chance she won’t die. First, that we haven’t seen his body yet. Second, at the time of the explosion, the ground could have collapsed and she could have fallen to the ground below, which Rio was drilling in an attempt to save her. Okay, if he survives it would be in a very, very critical phase, but there is little hope, is there …

Is that you? What do you think?

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