‘Last Tango in Paris’: José Padilha to make a documentary series on the controversial behind the scenes of the erotic drama

The controversial and acclaimed erotic drama “Last Tango in Paris” will win a documentary series, which aims to explore and scrutinize the controversial behind the scenes of the production.

The project, which does not yet have an official title, will look at the problematic tactics used by filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci to achieve a greater level of realism in recording scenes.

Her posture, deemed unprofessional and harmful, ended up becoming intrusive, with actress Maria Schneider subjected to recording a rape scene (with butter), without her consent.

The young woman – who was aware of the scene, but not of the use of butter as a lubricant – was surprised by Marlon Brando and Bertulucci, who had planned the moment in question, without her permission.

The abusive experience became so traumatic that it dragged the new actress into a spiral of addictions and trauma, leading her to abandon her acting career as well.

The series will be written by Jeremy Miller and Daniel Cohn. Brazilian filmmaker José Padilha (Tropa de Elite) will co-direct the episodes with Lisa Brühlmann (Killing Eve).

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CBS Studios and Stampede Ventures sign production for the project.

In Last Tango in Paris, while looking for an apartment in Paris, a beautiful young woman (Maria Schneider) meets an American (Marlon Brando), whose wife recently committed suicide. Instantly one longs for the other and that’s when a steamy affair begins. They agree that they would not reveal anything about their life, not even their names, and that the purpose of the dates would essentially be sex. But, little by little, the events are getting out of their control.

The drama, released in 1972, received two Oscar nominations for Best Actor and Best Director.

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