“Late Phases” director will command terror over exorcism of pregnant teenager

According to Variety, Spanish director Adrian García Bogliano, responsible for the famous “Late Phases”, will return as a genre with the horror “La Exorcista”, which will revolve around the exorcism of a young pregnant woman.

Filming is currently taking place in Mexico City.

In the plot …

María Evoli plays Ofelia, a young nun who has just arrived in the town of San Ramón, where she is forced to exorcise a young pregnant woman. The possession seems to have ended – until Ofelia discovers that the evil presence is trying to get back into the victim’s body. She will have to risk everything to prevent this from happening, even if she has to expose her weaknesses to the forces of evil and put her own life in danger.

The cast also includes Pilar Santacruz, Ramón Medina, Julio Bracho, Salvador Sánchez, Juan Carlos Colombo and Tina Romero.

New information should be published soon.

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