‘Lethal Weapon 5’: Mel Gibson to direct sequel after franchise director Richard Donner dies

According to Entertainment Weekly, Mel Gibson is in talks to direct “Lethal Weapon 5,” which marks the franchise’s return after 20 years since the last film.

Originally, the sequel was to be directed by Richard Donner, who commissioned all previous titles, but the filmmaker passed away in July of this year, aged 91.

In an interview with The Sun, Gibson previously commented on the decision, revealing that it was Donner’s wish.

“Donner was developing the script and it progressed a lot while we were working. He came to see me one day and he said, “Listen, kid, if I kick the bucket, you’re going to kick it.” And I said, ‘Shut up, don’t even play with it.’ “

He continued:

“But unfortunately he passed away. He asked me to do it and didn’t say anything at the time. He told his wife, the studio and the producer. Therefore, I will lead the fifth.

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In addition to directing, Gibson will also reprise his role as Martin Riggs, alongside Danny Glover, the interpreter of Roger Murtaugh.

Last year, Glover spoke to Movie Web about his expectation for the sequel and assured them the feature would be extraordinary.

“The conversations started to get serious in January and part of the script is ready. I don’t want to reveal anything of what I read, but I guarantee you it will be extraordinary. It’s a relevant plot to the franchise, it’s not a story made purely for profit, is it? I can only say that the film will dialogue very well with what we are going through today.

He continued:

“The film addresses essential points on politics, economics and social rights. Police violence is something that has always been present in America and we’re going to dig deeper into that, which is even more interesting after the protests we’ve seen. “

More details have not been revealed, so there is no preview for the sequel.

For those who don’t know, the first movie was released by Warner Bros. in 1987 and starred Gibson as reckless LAPD detective Riggs.

With their discreet partner Murtaugh, they have ventured through the most diverse events against drug trafficking cartels, gun thieves, paramilitaries and even an Asian gang of human traffickers.

The feature spawned three more sequels and a TV series starring Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans, which was ultimately canceled after three seasons.

Recall that the four films of the franchise are considered classics of the action genre and have become a huge success with the public, garnering nearly $ 950 million worldwide.

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