“ Life after Tombo ”: the public revolts with a documentary on Karol Conká

Yesterday (11), Globoplay released a short teaser of the documentary on Karol Conká, which will be called “The Life After Tombo” and which will premiere on April 29th.

However, the announcement of the documentary did not please the public, who revolted on social networks.

The production intends to improve the image of the singer after her controversial visit to BBB, where Karol was responsible for several confusions that led to the departure of other participants.

Check out the reactions on Twitter and the teaser:

“Life after the fall”

commit psychological torture, xenophobia, create paranoia, verbalize atrocities and WIN a documentary on globoplay. How pathetic, Karol Conká should fall by the wayside and not prominently # bbb21 pic.twitter.com/GNL4ptfXOe

– Yan 🌵 (@yankisner) April 11, 2021

boy, Globo went over there and did a doc Karol Conka ……… pic.twitter.com/lcJxrTX5cL

– Luana Souza 🐝 (@luanapesouza) April 11, 2021

Karol Conka could do therapy instead of documentary right

– marina (@shespider) April 11, 2021

Enjoy watching:

Will these people who were psychologically tortured by Karol Conká also win a documentary ??????

spitting bowl | Victory | Tube Juliette and Viih | SMA | 1 MILLION FORCE | Bil | Viihbora | # BBB21 pic.twitter.com/aSk8XRgLKk

– Manoela Ingrid (@manoela_ingrid_) April 12, 2021

I fly in his face, old man. I put my hand on this boy’s face, you understand? I really make her face appear – Karol Conká pic.twitter.com/JGOhOlNgYT

– out of context Karol Conka👽🛸 (@acervomamacita) April 11, 2021

Theory that may make sense in my parallel world:

– Karol Conka has a doc to run on Globoplay.
– Lucas also has a contract with the brand, in another project.

What if, at the end of Karol’s doc, there is a scene where they ask for forgiveness and cry, eh !?

I would like? Yes pic.twitter.com/6IYZTpe67s

– phenotypically tasty (@rogercipo) April 11, 2021

Imagine it is time to have the money and the staff to complete a doc project as fast as globoplay made the Karol Conka film.

Or was this his briefing since joining BBB21?

There is questioning

– phenotypically tasty (@rogercipo) April 11, 2021

And he even had a joke about Globo’s decision to make a documentary ONLY about Karol:

Globoplay does not only launch “The Life After the Fall” by Karol Conká, it has also decided to invest in other productions. They follow: #ForaThais | # BBB21 | Viih Spit | Adms pic.twitter.com/XjtohQpiF3

– pedrinho🌵 (@pedrosaimonj) April 11, 2021

Globoplay has released a short teaser for the documentary on Karol Conká, which will be titled “A Vida Além do Tombo” and will premiere on April 29.

Do you think she deserved a documentary about what she did at the BBB? Put me in the WALL! pic.twitter.com/6MOBfJrDDy

– CinePOP (@cinepop) April 11, 2021

The documentary will show a team following the artist since leaving reality TV.

The idea of ​​the production would be to tell the story of the rise, the fall of his career and his rebirth, bringing about a restoration of his image.

Since his elimination with 99.17%, which broke records with the highest rejection rate in BBB history, Conká has not only appeared in Mais Você, but has also been featured in Domingão do Faustão and won a special story in Fantástico.

Make sure to watch:

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