‘Little Footsteps’: Denzel Washington opens up about Jared Leto’s STRANGE behavior on set

Jared Leto is well known for his reputation as a methodical actor who often scares his cast mates, as in ‘Suicide Squad’.

At the time, the star even sent gift-wrapped mice to colleagues and sent dozens of meaningless letters that sounded like threats.

But did he keep the tradition when recording “The Little Traces”? In the crime thriller, Leto plays Albert Sparma, a murder suspect.

During an interview with USA Today, protagonist Denzel Washington brought up the subject and joked that Leto dared not make any jokes or threats against him.

In the plot, Washington plays Sheriff Joe Deacon, who is responsible for tracking Sparma after he became one of the targets of an investigation.

“He didn’t do any of those weird things to me. Ahh, not with me! He would have received a visit from me. He wouldn’t dare, ”he joked. “In fact, he was very respectful of me. We stayed away from each other and nodded from time to time.

He went on to say that he even looked at Leto outside his apartment.

“One day I saw him in the street and I followed him. I watched him outside his apartment and he had no idea. I wanted to make sure his quirks were only on set.

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Director John Lee Hancock was also in the interview and said the two first saw each other in a nighttime scene in which Deacon searched Sparma’s car and said:

“The fact that they weren’t intimate in personal life made everything more tense, it was great for the stage. I felt uncomfortable analyzing the two there.

After that statement, it’s impossible not to create suspenseful expectations, right?

Recalling that the film will be released in US theaters on January 29, with the premiere on HBO Max.

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The story revolves around a sheriff named Deke (Washington), who teams up with a detective (Malek) to investigate a serial killer (Leto). Deke has an incredible ability to grasp the smallest details, but will fight the secrets of his past while searching for the killer.

John Harlan Kim, Sofia Vassilieva, Natalie Morales, Terry Kinney, Michael Hyatt, Jason James Richter, Chris Bauer and Kerry O’Malley round out the cast.

John Lee Hancock, known for his film “A Possible Dream”, directs.

Mark Johnson takes over as producer. He has worked with Hancock in the past on “Destiny’s Challenge” and “The Poplar”.

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