Liv Tyler evacuated after recovering from coronavirus contagion; “It was terrifying!”

On her Instagram profile, actress Liv Tyler surprised fans by revealing that she had been diagnosed with coronavirus on New Years Eve 2021.

Already recovered, the interpreter of Arwen in “The Lord of the Rings” seems embraced by his children, Sailor Gene and Lula Rose, after two weeks of isolation.

In the caption, he said the experience was terrifying and he still felt guilty for imagining that he could have passed the disease on to others.

Although she sees herself as a shy person who does not reveal personal events, she was keen to make it clear that this is a subject that should be addressed publicly.

In part of the caption she says:

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“Rediscovering my loves … These two weeks have been crazy. I’m such a reserved and shy person, and I don’t usually share these things, but it’s a big deal and I think we all need to share information to gather facts, raise awareness and show that we are not alone.

She keeps:

“I tested positive for Covid-19 on New Years Eve. Shit, I had done everything right throughout 2020 to keep myself and my family safe. I have done my best to protect my children and follow the rules to protect others. Suddenly, on the morning of the last day of 2020 … a bomb dropped me. This disease comes on quickly and strikes like a locomotive … Then feelings of fear, shame and guilt crop up in your mind … Who could you have contracted the disease from? Who did you go to? It’s a terrifying thought. Fortunately, the rest of my family and friends tested negative. But there is so much weird stuff about this disease that it affects everyone in a completely different way.

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