‘Loki’ | Find out who Lady Loki is and how she can appear on the show


If you haven’t watched Loki’s second episode, then don’t read this article to avoid spoilers.

As seen in the second episode of Loki, the supposed Lady Loki appeared played by Sophia Di Martino. On the Marvel show, she is a variant of the cheating god who travels the timelines in an attempt to spoil the multiverse and prevent TVA from continuing to destroy other realities. Or at least that’s what the show wants audiences to think. With a costume that resembles the one worn by the villain in Bone Avengers (2012), blonde hair, and the ability to change bodies with other people, there’s already a strong theory that she is, in fact, the Enchanting. This is because your comic book version is quite different.

In the comics, the character was introduced in 2008, after the events of Ragnarok, when the gods slain in the Norse apocalypse began to “reincarnate” into bodies of Midgard, Earth. In this story, with the exception of Thor, who survived, all of the other deities searched for new bodies on Earth. Along the way, Lady Sif ended up trapped in the body of an elderly woman who was in hospital, leaving her original body “unoccupied”. In this, Loki sees an opportunity and takes a new female and brunette version. In other words, Lady Loki is literally the Loki woman. Thor therefore begins his quest to reunite the Nordic gods and finds Lady Loki believing herself to be Lady Sif. With an evil plan behind, Loki uses his powers to prevent Thor from finding out who he / she really is. With this body, she participates in several iconic moments, such as when she was part of Kabbalah, a group that had Doctor Fate and Norman Osborn, who attempted to reorganize the world by following their distorted ideals.

Six years later, during the Original Sin saga / event (2014), which brings the heroes together for the investigation into the Watcher (Uatu) murder, Marvel saves Lady Loki and makes a retcon. She is no longer just a “Loki Woman” and is treated as an authentic Cheat God personality, just like Kid Loki. In other words, because Loki is a fluid genre character, he has a personality of his own within him for his versions, which end up acting in different ways and making up the vast mythology of the villain.

Regardless, in all of her appearances, Lady Loki has always sported the same features: black hair, a horned helmet and a fur coat. In addition, of course, to stamina, strength, skill with magic and a lot of desire to deceive others. Therefore, fans believe that the character played by Sophia Di Martino is the Enchanter or Sylvie Lushton, since she is blonde like the Enchanter and manages to manipulate the minds of others very easily. Power that Loki only got when he was in possession of the Mind Gem. This may be one of the secrets of the series and will be better explored in the next episode. The point is, whether she’s Lady Loki or not, the character has already stepped in with both feet in the door causing a huge mess in the “holy timeline,” which will put all the VAT behind her. Will Loki attend?

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