Lots of shooting and action in the LEGENDED ‘High Speed ​​Rescue’ trailer; To look at!

The action movie ‘Rescue at High Speed’ has a captioned trailer.

To verify:

Ju Jueliang is responsible for the management.

The country is deeply affected by drugs and 14D is the largest drug trafficking organization in the country. A wealthy businessman has been involved in the fight against drugs for many years and has funded an anti-drug team, with the aim of eradicating drug trafficking organizations. After a long period of struggle, the group has gathered information that will help the police to end the gang. But the bandits discover the plan of the businessman, who had to leave the evidence to his daughter, now protected by the elite team. Shrouded in mistrust, the relationship between the young woman and the group leader eventually grows stronger as the danger grows and a life or death confrontation becomes inevitable.

The cast includes Wang Haixiang, Peng Tianying, Jack Tu, Yan Jie, Chen Meilin, Yan Jiaying, Jin Xuanyu, Tong Hu and Zhang Geng.

In Brazil, the feature film will be released directly on VOD by A2 Filmes.

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