“Loucas pra Casar”: the comedy with Ingrid Guimarães is now available on Netflix

The comedy “Loucas pra Casar”, starring Ingrid Guimarães, Suzana Pires and Tatá Werneck, is now available on Netflix!

The title was added to the streaming platform today, July 6.

In the plot, Malu (Guimarães) is 40 years old and works as secretary to Samuel (Márcio Garcia), the man of his life. Although they’ve been dating for three years, there’s not the slightest hint that a marriage proposal is coming. One day, Malu realizes that her boyfriend’s personal stash is missing condoms and soon deduces that he has a lover. After hiring a private investigator, she discovers two other women in Samuel’s life: nightclub dancer Lúcia (Pires) and religious fanatic Maria (Werneck). Of course, the three will dispute the preference of the beloved.

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The film was directed by Roberto Santucci.

Fabiana Karla, Guida Vianna, Alice Borges, Charles Paraventi, Rogério Fróes, Edmilson Filho and Aline Fanju were also part of the cast.

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Despite mixed reviews, the comedy became a blockbuster and grossed over R $ 45 million at the domestic box office.

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