“Love and the Monsters”: Adventure with Dylan O’Brien has 93% critical approval; Check!

Starring Dylan O’Brien, the post-apocalyptic adventure “ Amor e Monstros ” finally made its debut in Brazil via Netflix.

The film was a hit with critics in the United States and received an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the feature received 93% approval, based on 82 reviews.

Among the main comments, accolades range from O’Brien’s energetic performance, to the storyline that mixes drama and adventure, to compelling special effects.

Check out the reviews:

“A great demonstration of O’Brien’s infectious imagination and comedic energy.” – RogerEbert.com.

“A post-apocalyptic creative film about adulthood…” – New York Times.

Enjoy watching:

“A carefree adventure through an apocalyptic danger zone.” – The Hollywood Reporter.

“There is an uplifting spirit throughout the production and the effects are first class.” – News from San Jose Mercury.

“A slightly humorous reference to the action adventures for teens of the ’80s and’ 90s.” – Variety.

“’Love and Monsters’ isn’t particularly scary… However, it’s nice and fun, two qualities worth checking out.” – X assignment.

Criticism | Dylan O’Brien shines in fun post-apocalyptic comedy ‘Love and Monsters’

Directed by Michael Matthews, the story revolves around a hunter named Clyde (Michael Rooker), who teaches Joel Dawson (O’Brien) how to survive during a monster apocalypse – as he crosses the country in search of his beloved.

The cast also includes Jessica Henwick (‘Iron Fist’) and Ariana Greenblatt (‘The First and Only Ivan’).

The duo Brian Duffield and Matthew Robinson are responsible for the script.

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