‘Lucicreide goes to Mars’: Fabiana Karla arrives at NASA in comedy clip [EXCLUSIVO]

The irreverent Lucicreide, character of the humor “Zorra Total”, is back and now in theaters.

CinePOP is promoting, EXCLUSIVE, an excerpt from the film “Lucicreide Vai Pra Marte”.

Pernambucana struck, she could no longer take life on Earth. And, after complaining so much, she ended up embarking on an unusual journey, far from her children and her mother-in-law who left her hair standing.


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The film will be released in theaters in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia and the northeast of the country tomorrow, March 4.

Everything changed in Lucicreide’s life after her husband Dermirrei abandoned her. To complete the chaos, she had to deal with the arrival of her stepmother, who decides to move into her house after being evicted. The five children speak at the same time, do not obey and always defend their grandmother. It is in this scenario that Lucicreide, by mistake, ends up joining a group of candidates for a return trip to Mars. But first, it will have to undergo a series of tests at NASA in the United States. Part of the film was actually shot during the installation of the US space agency.

This is the first production since the film “Armaggedon” (1998) to be shot on location. In addition to numerous special effects, the film features footage shot in an airplane that simulates weightlessness. The plane, dedicated to the training of astronauts, left Las Vegas and performed acrobatics over the Nevada desert (USA), creating sequences never before seen in Brazilian cinema.

The cast includes Adriana Birolli (Luana), Cacau Hygino (Padre João), Ceronha Pontes (Rosa), Lucy Ramos (Commander Lee), Bianca Joy (Débora), Renato Chocair (Arnaldo) and Isio Ghelman (Watson).

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