‘Lupine’: Omar Sy is the famous ‘gentleman thief’ Assane Diop in the trailer for the new Netflix series

Netflix has released the full official trailer for ‘Lupine’, its new original French series based on the character of Arsene Lupine.


The production is inspired by novels written by Maurice LeBlanc and features Omar Sy as the first black actor to embody a version of the iconic Lupine, here contemporary in the guise of Assane Diop.

Diop is known as the “gentleman thief” in Paris and is particularly known for his talent for wearing disguises and changing his identity to commit his crimes.

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Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme, Nicole Garcia, Hervé Pierre, Soufiane Guerrab, Antoine Gouy, Fargass Assandé and others complete the cast.

The series is scheduled to air on January 8, 2021 on the platform.

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