M. Night Shyamalan did nothing for Marvel and DC because his films are “very calm and introspective”

M. Night Shyamalan spoke to ComicBook.com and was asked if he had spoken to studios like Marvel and DC about making a superhero movie. And the answer was: YES!

“I’ve had a lot of conversations over the years about a lot of superheroes with a lot of studios that own them, and how I would like to approach that. And it’s one of those things that I think is my style, if there had ever been a situation, I mean, I said, “I did it. I made my comic book movie the way I wanted it to, but minimalism, innuendos, not using CGI are all very different languages. So anytime we’ve had these conversations in the past about person XYZ, it’s their character or franchise. I get so nervous like, ‘Hey, that’s not what you want me to do, it’s very calm and tiny and introspective.’ “He said.

When Shyamalan released ‘Glass’, a superhero themed film, he confirmed that he had met Marvel Studios on several occasions.

“We’ve met a couple of times already, and it was really cool. I love the universe they create. They are wonderful, ”he said.

The director explained that he would only make a producer film if he had enough freedom:

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“I would only do that if it was something that allowed my quirks, so I would be okay with the idea.”

Do you think it would make a good movie for Marvel or DC?

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