‘Madagascar’: the complete trilogy to be removed from Netflix!

Last chance to see the films from the ‘Madagascar’ franchise on Netflix!

All films in the trilogy will be removed from the Brazilian streaming service’s catalog in less than two weeks, on March 31.

Note that several DreamWorks movies will be deleted from Netflix on the same day, including ‘Bee Movie’, ‘Puss in Boots’,’ Kung Fu Panda ‘,’ Kung Fu Panda 2 ‘,’ Megamously ‘,’ The Forestless’, ‘How to train your dragon ”,“ Down the Water ”and“ Wallace and Gromit: The Battle of Vegetables ”.

In total, the “Madagascar” franchise has produced three films, totaling nearly $ 2 billion worldwide. The saga also launched the “Penguins of Madagascar” spin-off, which failed at the box office with just $ 373.5 million raised.

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