“Made for Love”: the black comedy with Cristin Milioti wins the official poster; Check!

HBO Max’s new black comedy and sci-fi series, titled “Made for Love,” won a beautiful official poster.


The cast of ‘Made for Love’ includes Cristin Milioti (‘Palm Springs’), Ray Romano (‘ The Irishman ‘), Billy Magnussen (‘ Forest Paths’), Noma Dumezweni (‘The Undoing’) and Dan Bakkedahl (‘ Veep ‘)’)

Based on the eponymous novel by Alissa Nutting, the show revolves around Hazel Green, a woman who escapes her marriage to billionaire sociopath Byron Gogol after discovering he had implanted a chip in her head. The chip in question allows Byron to access Hazel’s brain while she takes refuge in her hometown to care for her widowed father.

Christina Lee will be the showrunner, with SJ Clarkson in charge of direction and executive production. Patrick Somerville signs the script for the series.

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“ Made for Love ” is set to debut in April 2021.

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