Magazine ‘Gavião Arqueiro’ | Series Finale ends the plot with new characters


If you haven’t watched all six episodes of Gavião Arqueiro, then don’t read this article to avoid spoilers.

The final episode of Gavião Arqueiro has arrived at Disney + to close the cycle of Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and establish a new future for some characters who are expected to be present in future more urban MCU productions, whether on the small screen or on the big screen.

The main one is the King of Crime (Vincent D’Onofrio), who gained a look straight out of the comics, indicating that in addition to Daredevil (Charlie Cox), he will also be on the path of Eco (Alaqua Cox). and Spider-Man (Tom Holland).

That’s because in addition to his look from a saga in which he faces off against Webhead, who now lives in New York, his close-range end shot by Eco came straight from the Daredevil comics. In the story, he doesn’t die, but goes blind, bringing a new perspective to the villain.

Additionally, the Revelation of the Lost Rolex brought an ancient and classic comic book character Gavião Arqueiro to the MCU: the Harpy. This is implied when Clint calls his wife, Laura (Linda Cardellini), the owner of the watch, Agent 19. In the comics, this is the code name for Harpy, the action partner of Gavião Arqueiro. . In other words, she’s already starred in this universe and we probably won’t see the actress with the iconic white outfit, but it’s worth the reference.

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There’s also a point where Clint is teaching Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) how to craft the Special Arrows, using Stark and Pym technology. Later, when the girl shrinks a van, Clint says he will have to talk to Scott (Paul Rudd) about it, suggesting that Sparrowhawk interact with Ant-Man offscreen.

Finally, the cycle of stalking Yelena Belova’s (Florence Pugh) Clint Barton is over, as she understands what happened between him and his sister, allowing him to develop his friendship with Kate Bishop without any hindrance in future productions. . Indeed, the series ends by indicating that Kate inherited the title of Hawkeye, because Clint must now take a break and enjoy his retired family. Either way, a Black Widow’s new friendship with a Hawkeye has everything to be one of Marvel’s highlights going forward.

The Gavião Arqueiro series has ended on Disney +.

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