‘Maid of Honor Mission’: the comedy is now available on Netflix!

The comedy “Missão Madrinha de Casamento” was officially released in the Brazilian Netflix catalog.

The plot follows a fun and unhealthy competition between bridesmaids over who is the bride’s best friend.

Check out the trailer:

Launched in 2011, the comedy went on to become a massive hit, raising $ 287 million worldwide on a budget of $ 32 million.

Enjoy watching:

Directed by Paul Feig, the film revolves around Lillian (Maya Rudolph), who gets married and invites her friend Annie (Kristen Wiig) to be his godmother. She, who faces professional and affectionate problems, decides to devote herself to the function of body and soul. Only, from the first organized event, Annie meets Helen (Rose Byrne), a beautiful and rich woman who wants to be Lillian’s new best friend. The two soon began to argue over the closeness of their friend, as well as being the organizer of the wedding and other prenuptial events.

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