Mainstream: Influencer Industry Satire With Andrew Garfield Wins Official Poster

Andrew Garfield’s satire on the influencer industry, titled “Mainstream,” won its first official poster.


The independent feature film is produced by iFC Films.

Check out the trailer:

In the plot, Garfield brings to life a popular influencer, who rose to fame for promoting a lifestyle of “do nothing and say nothing”. He will meet a young woman (Hawke) who, frustrated with her life and at a dead end, will discover a universe of endless possibilities in this industry ruled by egos. But she doesn’t know that the glamor and popularity of a pseudo-celebrity life hides a much darker and unrealistic side.

The film is directed and scripted by Gia Coppola, creator of Palo Alto (2013).

Enjoy watching:

Maya Hawke, Nat Wolff, Jason Schwartzman (‘Moonrise Kingdom’), Alexa Demie, Johnny Knoxville and Jake Paul round out the cast.

Make sure to watch:

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