Maisa has completed 19 aninhos! See the trajectory of the muse of adolescence

Sounds like such a new lie, but daughter Maisa Silva completes 19 springs this spring! Looks like Brazil fell in love with this 3 year old girl with a strong opinion yesterday, who came to see us in Raul Gil’s freshman program… and now she’s here, making movies, recording records and conquer the world! Review the beautiful trajectory of this inspiring young woman who has more than 37 million followers! This is Maisa Silva, A +.

Child prodigy

It was 2005. A little kid with super curly hair and a tiny face entered the Raul Gil program and stole our hearts with the sincere way he positioned himself. Since then, Maisa has already had contracts with the TV channels Band, Record, SBT and, currently, is Netflix’s new contract cousin.

Soap operas

From the success of the freshman programs, her television career became a consequence for the young woman from São Bernardo do Campo, so soon Maisa began to act in children’s soap operas. There were two: the Brazilian version of ‘Carousel’ (2012 to 2013) and ‘Carinha de Anjo’ (2016 to 2018). In both cases, she acted against the one who would become one of her best friends: actress Larissa Manoela.


As a teenager, Maisa started recording songs, even because of the soap operas she did. Thus, the invitation to become an actress also became natural for the young woman, who lent her voice in the animated feature films “ BugiGangue no Espaço ”, in which she plays the character of Fefa, and in “ O Touro Ferdinando ”, in which she plays Nina.

Spin off

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As anything that succeeds ends up gaining derivations, “Carousel” was no different. In addition to the Brazilian version of the Mexican soap opera, in which Maisa played the clever and stubborn Valeria, “ Carousel ” also won the “ Carousel Animado ” expansions in 2013 and the films “ Carousel: O Filme ” (2015) and ‘Carousel 2: The disappearance of Maria Joaquina’ (2016).

Everything for a Pop Star (2018)

After the feature films of “ Carousel ”, Maisa Silva enters the cinema once and for all and with great style enters the production “ Tudo por um Pop Star ” (2018), based on the book of the same name by Thalita Rebouças. In a hyper juvenile atmosphere, Maisa plays with the young actresses Klara Castanho and Mel Maia, in which they give life to three teenagers who fall in love with the group Slavabodies Disco Disco Boys and commit the madness of traveling hidden in Rio de Janeiro to see them, they present themselves. In the feature film, she is always opposite Felipe Neto, in her first foray into cinemas.

Cinderella Pop (2019)

From then on, Maisa’s career turned entirely to the production of the seventh art, and the following year, the young woman started two works. The first of these was “Cinderella Pop”, based on the book of the same name by successful youth writer Paula Pimenta. In the feature, Maisa plays a more modern Brazilian Cinderella, who instead of crystal shoes uses All-Star sneakers, has a DJ dancing at parties, and has a life of her own.

She Said He Said (2019)

The fruitful partnership with writer Thalita Rebouças is definitely established with the feature film ‘Ela Disse, Ele Disse’, in which Maisa becomes the film’s antagonist, which has given her more opportunities to show off her dramaturgical ability. In the plot, Maisa is Júlia, the most popular young lady in the school, which makes Rosa (Duda Matte) feel a bit stuck in her presence. Not to mention that every time Júlia enters the scene, there is even an original soundtrack!

Double father (2021)

After a nearly two-year hiatus to record “ Programa da Maisa ” on SBT, Maisa finally signed a contract with streaming giant, Netflix, and earlier this year starred in her first film as protagonist, “ Pai em Dobro ”. , again written on an idea from the bestseller Thalita Rebouças – which later became a book. In her first job as a lead actress, Maisa is teenager Vincenza, who grew up in a hippie community with her mother without knowing who her father is. On her 18th birthday, she decides to flee to Rio de Janeiro in the middle of carnival to find out who her real father is. Due to the reach of Netflix, it was from this film that Maisa’s career reached international audiences in a tangible way.

Horror films?

This weekend, Maisa Silva turned 19. To celebrate, the young woman posted on her Instagram a special photoshoot, in which she appears all beautiful in red, showing her audience that she is on the way to becoming a young adult, gradually giving up the youthful air. However, in one of the photos, Maisa appears on her back with several red balloons tied in her hair, in a print like “It: A Thing”. Is the Brazilian sweetheart also signaling that she would be inclined to make horror movies? You have to wait and see what will follow in Maisa Silva’s promising career.

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