‘Malignant’: James Wan’s new TERROR wins soon and will also be streamed

After working on ‘Aquaman and the’ Invocation of Evil ‘franchise, James Wan’s next film will be an investigative horror called’ Malignant ‘.

And the movie just saw its logo released by Warner Bros.

The terror will move away from the supernatural theme and give way to an investigative and murder plot, much like the Giallo Film subgenre. For those who don’t know, the Giallo Films originated in Italy before the terror of the American slasher and are based on serial killer crimes. They inspired classics like “Panic” and “Halloween”.


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The premiere has been postponed indefinitely, but the film will be released in theaters and streaming simultaneously.

ALL Warner movies slated to hit theaters in 2021 will follow the 1984 Wonder Woman release pattern. This includes “The Suicide Squad”, “Dune”, “The Many Saints of Newark”, “In a New York Neighborhood”, “Space Jam 2”, “Mortal Kombat” and “Godzilla vs. Kong ‘.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actress Annabelle Wallis (“ Peaky Blinders ”) said that I will not do something similar to the project in her entire career yet and it will be surprising to audiences.

“I can guarantee you that we have something very special coming up, it’s a brave, dazzling, original and unpredictable film. I haven’t seen anything like it in my entire career. And I think the audience will be really impressed because James [Wan] is in love with what he does … This film literally reflects the art of cinema, and I’m really excited to know how people are going to react.

Wallis also revealed how he started collaborating with Wan and said he intends to work with him whenever he gets the chance.

“When I met him I was going through a moment when I had to take a risk and throw myself into my head [na carreira de atriz]. When James watched my performance on “The Loudest Voice”, he came to me to work on “Annabelle”. I already know his work and I trust his talent, when he told me about this new project, I could not refuse. I have found him a wonderful collaborator and know that we will continue to work together for years to come. He’s nice and is so good at what he does.

In addition to directing, Wan also signs the screenplay, alongside Ingrid Bisu.

The cast also includes Maddie Hasson, Jake Abel, George Young, Ingrid Bisu, Michole Briana White and Jacqueline McKenzie.

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