Man Dressed As Chucky Scares Maskless Passengers On Subway, Goes Viral On Social Media; Check out!

A man dressed as Chucky, the killer toy, is playing pranks on unmasked passengers on the New York subway, and the prank has gone viral on social media.

One of the most popular prank videos shows the man disturbing a woman until she turns away from him… When he tries to chase her away, another passenger removes the mask from her head and leaves him. fall on the ground.

Several netizens were divided over the “joke”, and one even asked, “What’s going on in New York?”

Check out the reactions:

What’s going on in New York?

Wtf is happening in New York 😭 pic.twitter.com/2EZG0EIzAZ

– albs 🎰 (@albertoutspoken) January 27, 2021

“Chucky still playful.”

Chucky still wild pic.twitter.com/05OTOs5VQ8

– 🍫 Hot Choggly Milg🥛 (@damnahad) January 27, 2021

Enjoy watching:

“I don’t think this person has ever seen ‘Killer Toy’, because Chucky would pretend to be just a toy until there were few people in the car.”

I feel like this person has never seen Child’s Play because Chucky would have pretended to be a doll until there were fewer people on the bus https://t.co/so71QblfOC

– Gory Cory (@gorycoryhorror) January 28, 2021

Chucky attacks people without masks on the subway.

This is the tweet pic.twitter.com/J9E1eeWAgs

– Caio de Aquino ⭐ Commented session # 100K (@caiodaquino) January 27, 2021

if a dwarf dressed as chucky attacks me in the subway i just die from the heart https://t.co/Nbus2YV2SH

– joao (@joaopedm) January 28, 2021

Recalling that the ‘Toy Assassin’ franchise will be adapted for a television series on the SyFy channel, which will be developed by creator Don Mancini and producer David Kirschner.

In an official statement, SyFy Chairman Chris McCumber celebrated:

“Chucky, the villain created by Don Mancini, has scared the public for 30 years. The longevity and legacy of Assassin Toy is the product of a creative story, as well as loyal fans who have followed the franchise over the years. We are excited and proud to bring Chucky to television for the first time with its original creators. “

Additionally, producer Nick Antosca has revealed that the series will have the same tone as the first two films and once again invest in a climate of terror.

“The working title is ‘Chucky’. That may change, but for now we’re using this one. The series will return to a tone close to the first two films. It will be a scary classic again.

He adds, “[A série] it will be in keeping with the franchise’s mythology, but it will be a new story. So if you come in without knowing anything about the movies, you’ll still understand what’s going on. But it will be consistent with all of the mythology that we saw earlier, so the series will be canonical.

Brad Dourif, the original voice actor for Chucky, will once again voice the character!

For now, the series remains without a premiere date, as recordings have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Make sure to watch:


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