Manu Gavassi seeks ex in new drama Prime Video; Watch our interview!

Actress Manu Gavassi is one of the big stars of the new ‘I Feel Good With You’ dramatic comedy Amazon Prime Video, which is now available on the streaming platform.

And our journalist and critic Rafa Gomes had the opportunity to interview director and screenwriter Matheus Souza, who also stars in the production.

In the chat, he talks about the partnership with the popular artist.


A few ex-boyfriends are exchanging messages for the first time since the breakup. Two young women who have just fallen in love are afraid that the relationship will cool down from a distance. The sisters who have left the pre-pandemic are trying to regain their friendship and rediscover the importance of family. Two members in a “relationship without labels” explore ways to survive the absence of contact. And a couple who can’t take it any longer are trying to cope with the obligation to live together 24 hours a day. People, in the midst of social isolation, do everything to stay close.

Besides Manu Gavassi, the film also features Souza, Richard Abelha, Amanda Benevides, Thuany Parente, Clarissa Müller, Gabz and Isabella Moreira in the cast, with Victor Lamoglia and Thati Lopes as guest actors.

Make sure to watch:

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