Margot Robbie and how to save Pirates of the Caribbean?

Johnny Depp leaves, Margot Robbie enters. Not wanting to abandon the Explorers of the Seven Seas who made the studio $ 4.5 billion in five films, Disney looked for new possibilities to navigate mysterious waters and continue to step out into the world of cinema with the Black Pearl. But are we ready for a reunion – albeit transformed – with “Pirates of the Caribbean”?

The idea of ​​revitalizing the franchise run by Johnny Depp from 2003 to 2017 follows a string of controversies involving the actor’s private life and his steamy relationship with Amber Heard. The latest film in which Depp lived the iconic drink, “ Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, ” raised $ 794 million at the global box office, and while the amount is significant, it is the second Lowest turnover in the franchise, after only ‘The Curse of the Black Pearl’, from 2003. Also bitter in criticism, the film was a final attempt to keep the big plan active after a first trilogy successful which had little survival. As fascinating and full of possibilities as the Pirates’ universe is, the insistence with Jack Sparrow (a character who, frankly, has grown taller than the actor himself and taller than the franchise itself, contradictions aside) seemed to be the denial phase in the grieving process.

After acceptance, Mickey Mouse House looks for news. In October 2019, the studio announced a reboot of the saga, which will be developed by veteran screenwriter Ted Elliot in partnership with Craig Mazin, creator of the hit HBO miniseries “ Chernobyl ”. Now the other novelty is a second foray, which isn’t a reboot or spin-off, but puts women first. Of the two projects, something in common: no sign of Jack Sparrow. Or Depp.

The initiative for the brand new project appears to be to unite a hugely profitable saga with a trend that worked with the Disney Princesses Live. The principle with the new version produced by Harlequin herself, Margot Robbie, and written by Christina Hodson (‘Birds of Prey’), would be to give the famous “feminist turn” to the project, a trend already taken advantage of by ‘The Ghostbusters’ and ‘Eight Women and a Secret’, in other contexts and proportions – and with different levels of acceptance.

Pirates of the Caribbean

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Margot Robbie’s idea of ​​being called a pirate and leading a fleet to sea first sounds like an extension of the level of “liberation and empowerment” which is gradually becoming the most striking feature of new versions of fairy tale classics. . Whether it’s in ‘Aladdin,’ ‘Maleficent,’ or ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ the revitalization has been left to young women who want more than just find their princes, and it seems inevitable at times. where the representation of the idealized woman is a standard to be broken in the cinema – but as long as it is capitalizable. In other words, nothing very deep or beyond the basics, but what is needed to generate “ update ” titles, sell dolls, and arouse anger from a conservative wing – anger which somehow also grabs attention and does a great marketing service.

In return, the project not only comes into the burrow of “ Birds of Prey, ” one of the few films to hit theaters in 2020 before the coronavirus pandemic, but also from an initiative that Robbie and Hodson created. together during production. Through their production companies, the two have launched the Lucky Exports Pitch program, which promotes space for new female voices actively working on script for action films and series. Hodson, it bears repeating, also wrote “ Bumbleblee ” and is ahead of the “ Batgirl ” script for the DC Extended Universe, and so the duo’s so active involvement in promoting Stories that push women in front of and behind the camera is any indication that expectations for new “Pirates” can be high.

In turn, Robbie has become an increasingly coveted Hollywood actress and producer, racking up projects inside and outside of the DC Comics hero universe that clarify the extent of her performance. From live action Barbie to David O. Russell’s new project, the Australian has two Oscar nominations for ‘Me, Tonya’ and ‘The Scandal,’ and has won the favor of a legion of fans with his portrayal of Harley Quinn. . Despite the negative and middling reception of ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Birds of Prey’, the villain / anti-heroine managed to establish himself as one of the label’s biggest hits, which is largely due to the charisma of the actress in the role.

If there’s one thing Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow and Margot Robbie’s Harlequin have in common, it’s that they both got bigger than their movies. The difference is that she has managed to show how much further she can go.

From a strategic standpoint, Disney can’t let Harlequin bounce ideas around with Black Panther in the upcoming Marvel movie. But you can take home what went well and entrust Margot Robbie with the sequel to the franchise in a man.

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