Mark York, who played Billy Merchant in famous ‘the Office’ series, dies at 55

According to TMZ, Mark York, an actor known for his role as Billy Merchant in the popular comedy series “The Office”, died yesterday May 24 from a sudden illness.

Although the official cause of death has not been revealed, it is believed that what happened was due to the aforementioned comorbidity.

York became paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair after an unfortunate accident in his hometown of Ohio, United States. In the sitcom, he was of considerable importance for the representativeness of people with physical limitations.

In addition to “The Office”, the actor has also appeared in several productions, including “Artificial Intelligence”, “Fighting Words”, “The Haunting of Bear’s Mill”, “Pretty People” and many more.

He has also devoted much of his time to the Spinal Cord Injury Research Center, finding a cure for serious injuries. York has raised more than $ 3 million to start a clinical studies program under the direction of Los Angeles-based neuroscientist Michael Levesque.

No statement was made by the family.

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