Marvel invited Chris Evans to return as ‘Captain America’ in TWO more projects

As fans eagerly await the premiere of “ WandaVision, ” Marvel has decided to surprise fans on the eve of the long-awaited series premiere on Disney +.

It has been revealed that star Chris Evans is in talks to return to Marvel on TWO other studio PROJECTS.

The character appeared aged at the end of “ Avengers: Endgame, ” and fans are already speculating on how his return might be.

Steve Rogers may appear again in a Marvel movie set in the past, or even in its older version, visiting friends in the second season of the ‘Hawk and the Winter Soldier’ ​​series.

“Evans is expected to return as Steve Rogers / Captain America in at least one more Marvel production, with doors open for a second film,” the site explains.

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Another possibility is the secret project that Marvel Studios will launch in 2022, between the premieres of the ‘Black Panther 2’ and ‘Captain Marvel 2’ sequences.

Have you completed Return of the Hero?

Over the years, Captain America has grown in popularity and has become one of the favorite heroes of childish audiences due to Evans’ playfulness and charisma.

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