“Matrix” celebrates its 22 years; Discover ten curiosities about the legendary movie Wachowski Sisters!


The film’s opening scene, in which Trinity takes on the police and Constable Smith’s henchmen (Weaving), took no less than six months of training and four days to shoot – for Lana and Lilly Wachowski, the directors, get exactly what they need. they intended.

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Moss sprained his ankle while recording one of his scenes, but decided not to tell anyone until the recordings were finished. This decision was due to the fear she felt of being postponed.


All the scenes taking place inside the matrix have a greenish tint, as if we were watching them on a computer screen; meanwhile, in the real world, the strings are tinted blue. The moment when Morpheus and Neo fight each other, which does not belong to the real world or the virtual world, was built with a yellowish tinge.

Will Smith was considered to play Neo in the feature film, but turned down the role to appear in the comedy “The Crazy Adventures of James West”. He later admitted that at the time he did not feel “mature enough as an actor” and that if he had accepted he would have “ruined it”. He also did not resent the rescheduling and stated that “Keanu [Reeves] it was great like Neo ”.


In Greek mythology, Morpheus (or Morpheus, in the Portuguese translation) is the god of dreams. The name was chosen in a deliberate irony, considering that the role of the character played by Fishburne is to wake people up to reality.


The actors and actresses in the film had to be able to explain and understand “The Matrix”. Reeves revealed that the Wachowski had asked him to read Jean Baudrillard’s books “Simulacrum and simulation”; “Out of Control” by Kevin Kelly; and Evolutionary Psychology by David Buss, even before opening the screenplay. Moss noted that he had had difficulty in this process.


“Matrix” won all four categories for which it was nominated for an Oscar: Best Editing, Best Sound, Best Sound Editing, and Best Visual Effects. It was the largest “clean” statuette for a production not nominated for best picture.


According to Lana Wachowski, for the effects of the slow-motion balls, sound designer Dane A. Davis placed balls on strings and spun them around the studio. In addition, he scanned the raindrops that fell against the window panels to create the encoded sound of the Matrix.


The novel “Neuromancer”, signed by the legendary William Gibson, was a great influence for the feature film (in particular, in the use of the term borrowed from the title). After watching the film, Gibson commented that the way the production brought in references to already existing works in the cyberpunk genre was “the exact kind of creative cultural osmosis” that he took in his own writings.


Janet Jackson was one of the first names of the Wachowksi sisters to play Trinity, but scheduling conflicts prevented her from accepting the role. In an interview, Jackson commented that refusing was very difficult, so on her tenth studio album (“Discipline”), she paid tribute to the feature film in the interludes “Intro” and “Outro”.

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